Milestones in FP’s journey

Looking back at the seven years of Forward Press in print

May 2009: Ivan Kostka signals the start of the print run of inaugural issue at MP Printers, Noida

May 2009: First FP team celebrates the arrival of the inaugural issue at the Nehru Place office

April 2010: Attentive audience at FP’s first anniversary, Constitution Club, New Delhi

April 2011: Chief guest Sharad Yadav releases the first Hindi edition of Thom Wolf’s Phule In His Own Words on FP’s second anniversary

April 2012: Waman Meshram addresses FP’s third anniversary function as Arvind Kumar, the chief guest, listens

June 2014: (From left) Veer Bharat Talwar, Ramnika Gupta, Ivan Kostka, Silvia Kostka, Pramod Ranjan, chief guest Sanjay Kumar of CSDS, Sushama Yadav and Rajinder Kashyap at FP’s fifth anniversary celebration

June 2014: (From left) Sanjay Kumar presents the first FP Mahatma Jotiba and Krantijyoti Savitribai Phule Balijan Ratna Awards to Sushma Yadav and Rajinder Kashyap

Forward Press’ sixth anniversary, April 2015: (From left) Pramod Ranjan, Braj Ranjan Mani, Sujata Parmita, Arvind Jain, Ali Anwar, Sheoraj Singh Bechain, Arundhati Roy (chief guest), Ramnika Gupta and Ramdas Athawale

Published in the final print (June 2016) issue of the Forward Press magazine

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