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Who will come to help, is the argument. How many intellectuals and how many magazines can they dismiss? In the academic circles, many ways are being discussed but nothing seems to come of it. No matter how you play the card, the results are the same. Perhaps, this too requires a surgical strike.

Eminent historian, Harbans Mukhia says that Incidentally, we are witnesses to a chain of unexpected events in India. These events are dubbed in social science as events of dual-impact are happening all over the world. On the one hand, elections and voting are used by large sections of society as democratic right. And, the process is inclusive of those who are at the bottom levels of the society. At the same time, the election process is being rigged in complex ways. And this has led to concentrating of the country’s economic resources in the hands of the top few. This whole process is depriving the people of the benefits of power that come with the voting process, more importantly it is depriving them of economic benefits.  So we clearly looking at the destruction of political democracy as well as that of material welfare of the society.

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