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Gulamgiri to be released on Satyashodhak Diwas

Gulamgiri, published by Forward Press, will be available for purchase soon. The book, translated into Hindi from the original Marathi and enriched with annotations, will be released on 24 September 2021 (Satyashodhak Diwas) at 6pm. Bharat Patankar, Sudha Arora, Anita Bharti, Kancha Ilaiah, Prem Kumar Mani and Chauthiram Yadav will be doing the honours

An annotated Hindi translation of Jotirao Phule’s Gulamgiri, published by Forward Press, will be released at an online event on 24 September 2021 – the Satyashodhak Diwas. The programme will be streamed live on the Facebook page of Forward Press. The book, titled Brahmanvad Ki Aar Mein Gulamgiri, has been dedicated to late Gail Omvedt, who played a seminal role in making Phule central to the Bahujan discourse and in introducing Indian Bahujan concepts to the global reader.

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