Order all issues of FORWARD Press

The publication of the print edition of FORWARD Press is being suspended from June 2016. The first issue of the FORWARD Press magazine came out in May 2009. FORWARD Press has played a historic role in the development of Dalit-Bahujan thought and culture over the past eight years. Because of its distinct nature, every issue of the magazine is worth collecting. A complete set of all issues (May 2009-June 2016) of the magazine is now available.

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Complete set (May 2009-June 2016, total 86 issues)
• Rs 2,000 (For individuals)
• Rs 7,500 (For institutions)
• Postal / Courier expenses extra
Out of the total 86, original print copies of about 10 issues are unavailable. Photo-copies of such issues will be provided.

The Marginalised Publications, New Delhi
Mobile: 9968527911
e-mail: themarginalised@gmail.com