Forward Press, August 2015

In this issue:

  • We are closest yet to social justice in the nation's institutions of higher learning
  • A look at the past to see what lies in store for the UP Dalit brothers who will step into an IIT this year
  • How, at IIT Madras, students taught the RSS a lesson
  • Are Ambedkarites drowning in negativity?
  • Licence raj has ended but what about the Brahmin and Baniya raj?

Ivan Kostka writes in his editorial: “In this month’s Cover Story, FORWARD Press breaks new ground by surveying the landscape of Indian university campuses since Mandal II (2006), when the central government introduced reservations for OBCs in institutions of higher and professional education. Under the editorial direction of Pramod Ranjan, a team of contributors led by Sanjeev Chandan have sketched in broad brushstrokes the contours of the changes to be seen increasingly across Indian university campuses. While more in-depth quantitative studies are required (and thus far largely lacking) of this phenomenon, FP focuses here on the qualitative transformation under way.”