Forward Press, July 2015

In this issue:

  • The folly in Centre's plan to divide up OBC quota
  • Bihar media joins Barmeshwar Mukhiya's 'martyrdom' celebrations
  • When the BJP talks Ambedkar, it has Bihar and UP elections in mind
  • Comparing revision of the economic growth rate to cheating in a school exam
  • Looking back at the life of the OBC outsider artist Nek Chand Saini

Ashok Yadav cites the examples of Tamil Nadu and Bihar to argue that sub-quotas among OBCs make a lot of sense – but only if the Centre leaves it to the states to decide which castes should be awarded those reservation sub-quotas. He says reservations are not meant for poverty alleviation; instead, they ensure all sections of society have representation in power. Consulting Editor Pramod Ranjan takes a look at how various Bihar newspapers and TV channels reported on a function held to observe the third death anniversary of Parmeshwar Mukhiya, the founder of Ranvir Sena. Anyone with a sense of morality and justice will be shocked with his findings.