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Laxmanpur-Bathe: Upper-caste men still threaten survivors of the massacre

-The poll bugle has been sounded in Bihar. Far from the din of the tall claims and the impossible-to-fulfil promises, Seetu Tiwari visited the survivors of the Laxmanpur-Bathe massacre scripted by the Ranveer Sena on 1 December 1997. The horrific scene is still fresh in their minds and they still await justice

Punia Devi, now 37, was widowed even before she could see the face of her husband. It was 1997 and Shivkailash Chaudhary, a resident of Laxmanpur-Bathe, had just returned to his village after his marriage at Kera village in Aurangabad district. As was the tradition, the bride and the groom were not allowed to see each other’s face during the wedding ceremony. Punia could not see the face of her husband even after his death. 

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Seetu Tiwari

Seetu Tewari is a senior independent journalist who contributes regularly to TV and radio news channels, and newspapers and magazines.

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