UGC lacks comprehensive standards, ignores the ones which it has

It is ironical that the University Grants Commission has de-listed even those magazines and journals that have meticulously maintained the highest standards. These include Hans, Economic and Political Weekly and Forward Press. It appears that the UGC doesn’t know how to assess the quality and standard of a journal. Sudhish Pachauri’s reaction:

There are no well-defined standards for research journals in Hindi, unlike their English counterparts like the EPW, or the international journals, which are closely scrutinized by scholars. We had taken a middle path, whereby Hindi publications like HansAalochana, Tadbhav or Forward Press were given recognition. Now, they too have been de-listed. This will be catastrophic for higher education as well as Hindi language.

In my opinion, the correct procedure would have been to constitute a committee of prominent academicians associated with research to review the publications and then the list of approved journals should have been compiled. Secondly, the Hindi journals do not adhere to high standards, unlike journals of science and social sciences. Whether in America or England, a standard has been set that the journals are required to maintain at any cost. The articles published in these journals are subjected to a strict scrutiny by the editorial board. Journals which charge money to publish research paper do not exist there. Or, may be, such things happen there too. But there is no doubt that the top journals maintain impeccable standards.

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