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If caste dies, the dream of a Hindu nation dies

Golwalkar’s idea of a nation was the ‘virat purusha’ made up of the four varnas and Savarkar described the ruthless Peshwa (Brahmin) rule as one of the most glorious periods, writes Nagesh Chaudhari

All the ideas and activities of Hindu nationalists ultimately point to the maintenance of the social order that was envisaged in the Rig Veda. Their plan is to divide society into four Varnas (castes). The general understanding of Hindu nationalism is that at the heart of it is a hatred for Muslims and Christians. But in fact this hatred is only the surface.

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About The Author

Nagesh Chaudhary

Nagesh Chaudhari has been a social activist for the past 30 years. He is the founder-editor of the Marathi fortnightly 'Bahujan Sangharsh' and has published books in Marathi, English and Hindi, including 'Jati vyavastha va Bharatiy kranti' and 'Why Bahujans are divided and Brahmins stay united and strong'