Professor, do you know why Nalanda kept smouldering?

Prof Avijit Pathak and Prof Apoorvanand have written two poignant pieces on the government-sponsored maligning of JNU and the fall of the university, published in The Wire and the Indian Express, respectively. Taking the discourse forward, Forward Press managing editor Pramod Ranjan emphasizes the need for those fighting to save the university to identify with intellectuals from outside academia, socio-cultural workers and the battle for social justice


Last week, two poignant pieces on the fall of the prestigious Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) in Delhi were published. Both the pieces leave those who are for freedom of expression, shaken. One of them is by Avijit Pathak, a professor of sociology in JNU, and the other by Professor Apoorvanand, a professor of Hindi in Delhi University. The Story of the Fall of a Great University appeared in The Wire and ‘Killing JNU’appeared in the Indian Express. Both the writings exemplify courage and resistance and expose the present government’s antics. However, unfortunately, their truths are one-sided and their arguments can win the support of neither the intellectuals outside the university campuses nor the general public.

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