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Divorced from social realities, Bollywood films are losing the plot

South Indian films entertain but they also overtly reference local, social issues. However, Bollywood films are unable to deviate from their formulaic ways. You can clearly see the difference between Pa. Ranjith/Mari Selvaraj’s ‘Pariyerum Perumal’ and Karan Johar/Puneet Malhotra’s ‘Student of the Year’, writes Neeraj Bunkar

Nowadays, intellectuals and film critics are debating the consistently lukewarm reception of Bollywood films. Even ordinary people who aren’t really known as experts when it comes to films are voicing their opinions on this topic on social media platforms. It can be argued that this is the worst phase of the Bollywood film industry where no formula to make films click at the box office seems to be working.

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About The Author

Neeraj Bunkar

Neeraj Bunkar is a PhD Scholar at the Department of English, Linguistics, and Philosophy in Nottingham Trent University, United Kingdom, with a specific interest in caste, Dalit issues, and cinema

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