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‘Nirmal Pathak Ki Ghar Wapsi’: Yet another story of upper-caste charity

In films and TV serials, why are upper-caste characters needed to bring about consciousness in Dalits? When the Dalits have Ambedkar, why do they need to become Gandhi’s Harijan? asks Neeraj Bunkar

Over the Top (OTT) platforms have given Indians an opportunity to watch films and web series from all over the world and thus acquire a global perspective. However, the Indian upper-caste filmmakers are refusing to give up their narrow and obscurantist outlook. Anti-caste producers and actors have used the OTT platform to make films that stand out against their predecessors’ poor attempt to depict caste and related issues. They have changed the paradigm of films based on social issues. The Dalit of these films may be poor but he is not helpless. He has his own voice and he doesn’t need an upper-caste messiah. Some examples of such films are Karnan, Asuran, Kaala, Kabali and Bhim. The list is already long and will get longer in the days to come.

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About The Author

Neeraj Bunkar

Neeraj Bunkar is a PhD Scholar at the Department of English, Linguistics, and Philosophy in Nottingham Trent University, United Kingdom, with a specific interest in caste, Dalit issues, and cinema

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