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Ravish Kumar wins the inaugural Kuldip Nayar Journalism Award

Kuldip Nayar has joined hands with the Gandhi Peace Foundation to institute a prestigious award for journalists. NDTV’s Ravish Kumar has been chosen for the award this year

The first Kuldip Nayar Journalism Award will be given to NDTV’s Ravish Kumar. The award ceremony will be held in New Delhi’s India International Centre on 19 March 2017. Kuldip Nayar and the Gandhi Peace Foundation have jointly instituted the award.

The management committee of the award programme comprised Kuldip Nayar; Kumar Prashant, chairman of Gandhi Peace Foundation; political scientist Ashish Nandy; Om Thanvi, former editor of Jansatta; senior journalist Neerja Chaudhary; Sanjay Pathak; Rizvan Kausar; Ashok Kumar; Jaishankar Gupta; Vijay Pratap; and Pramod Ranjan, managing editor of FORWARD Press.

Ashok Kumar, secretary of the committee, and of the Gandhi Peace Foundation said that the award would be given every year to a journalist of Indian languages who uses journalism to promote independent thinking, democratic values and civic rights. The award carries a cash component of Rs 1 lakh. Nayar has provided the seed money for the award. The veteran journalist said that this award was special because it would be given to journalists by journalists. In that sense, it is a new and unique award. Nayar is one of the pillars of Indian journalism. He had taken the initiative for instituting this award and for linking up with the Gandhi Peace Foundation in this endeavour. The award came to fruition with the co-operation of many journalist and writer friends. Nayar said that Indian-language journalists working in any format of the media would be considered for the award.

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