Sukma encounter, as the locals saw it

On August 6, the police fired upon a hut in Nulkatong village, in Chhattisgarh’s Sukma district, killing 15 people who were sleeping inside. The police says those killed belonged to Jan Militia, a Naxalite outfit, while the villagers say that they were innocent. The case is now in the Supreme Court. Tameshwar Sinha reports

On 6 August 2018, security forces claimed that they had gunned down Maoists in Nulkatong village of Konta block in Sukma district, Bastar division, Chhattisgarh. The police told a press conference that 16 weapons had also been seized. But the residents of the village reject the claim. They allege that the police killed innocent, unarmed Tribals and made it out to be a shootout ­– a fake encounter in today’s parlance. Narayan Rao of the Civil Liberties Committee filed a petition on the matter in the Supreme Court. A bench headed by Chief Justice Mishra heard the petition for the first time on 13 August 2018.


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