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Why no freedom struggle was waged against the Muslim rule in India

Those who have termed the revolt of 1857 as the first war for India’s independence are the fools who wanted freedom for the Hindus alone. It didn’t bother them that had the revolt succeeded by ill luck, the princely kingdoms would have perpetuated the system that had denied the Untouchables their basic human rights. Explains Kanwal Bharti:


We are told that the revolt of 1857 was the first war of independence. This is the opinion of scholars who were Brahmins and those who believed in Hindutva and wanted to perpetuate the feudal system. The people of this caste/class exulted in their religious system and wanted to perpetuate it without any change. During 800 years of their rule, the Muslims didn’t interfere in the Hindu religious system and allowed them full freedom to follow their religion. That is why not a single battle for independence was fought in India during the Muslim rule.

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About The Author

Kanwal bharti

Kanwal Bharti (born February 1953) is a progressive Ambedkarite thinker and one of the most talked-about and active contemporary writers. Dalit Sahitya Kee Avdharna and Swami Achootanand Harihar Sanchayita are his key books. He was conferred with Dr Ambedkar Rashtriya Award in 1996 and Bhimratna Puraskar in 2001

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