Supreme Court approves of adultery: Where should the women go?

All the laws dealing with adultery are already biased in favour of men. The Supreme Court’s judgment, striking down section 497 of the IPC, will only give men an unrestrained freedom to engage in adultery, sex, exploitation, and flesh trade in the garb of gender equality and liberation of women, argues Advocate Arvind Jain:


  • Arvind Jain

Dear sister!

I received your letter. After going through it, I wonder what advice I should give to you. After reading, deliberating and pondering over all the legal provisions, I can only conclude that you cannot get your husband punished for ‘adultery’ because, what your husband is doing is not ‘adultery’ in the eyes of the law. Even if it were so, you don’t have any right to get him punished. You can only seek divorce and, that too will be difficult to get, in the absence of any concrete evidence and witnesses.

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