UGC out to destroy intellectual democracy

Instead of admitting its mistake, the UGC is trying to muddy the waters further by talking of peer review. A report published in The Hindu has contributed to its efforts. Kamal Chandravanshi investigates

At a time when many prestigious magazines and journals have been questioning the government about University Grants Commission’s move to drop them from its list of approved journals, the government is trying to create confusion by claiming that it has done nothing to destroy their credibility and that research scholars remain unaffected.

According to the official information received from the UGC, there has been no change in the situation since May 2018. That is, none of the 4,305 magazines that were delisted has been reinstated in its list of approved journals. Among them are many that enjoy great respect among the general public as well as in the academia. Forward Press is also one of them. Meanwhile, on 12 September 2018, The Hindu carried a story saying that the UGC had decided to treat all peer-reviewed journals on a par with its own list of approved journals and university and college teachers would earn points if their papers were published in such journals.

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