UGC has turned saffron but don’t stop raising questions

Every institution in the country has democratic traditions at its core and is driven by its hallowed values. But the democratic spirit is waning and the values of all key institutions are getting eroded. The RSS is taking control of the leading institutions of the country, whether it is the University Grants Commission or the Union Public Service Commission. Nilanjan Mukhopadhyaya’s views:

Serious magazines and journals were treated in this manner because they represent the democratic voice of the country. It is apparent that the incumbent government is eminently capable of doing such things. The UGC is busy promoting fundamentalism. But what is more serious is that it is being done on purpose, deliberately and consciously.

The UGC seems to be disinterested in promoting scientific research. It wants to feed everything from history to folk life in an unscientific way to the masses. It is out to lower the standards of education. If nothing is done to stop it, the UGC will ruin the entire education system.

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