Forward Press books broaden the Bahujan discourse

Forward Press has made every effort to make its books easily available. They can be purchased from both local distributors and retail websites and also as e-books on Kindle

Bahujan discourse has become one of the most significant discourses of the 21st century. Be it in politics or other aspects of society, Bahujan consciousness is on the rise. Forward Press is committed to boosting this trend with the help of its books.

In the recent years, Forward Press books have carved out their own space in the intellectual world. Notable among them are the recently published Jati Ka Vinaash, our latest offering on the Mahishasur discourse, Mahishasur Mithak Va Paramparayen, and Dalit Panthers: An Authoritative History, by a co-founder of the movement.

Jati Ka Vinash is the Hindi translation of Babasaheb Bhimrao Ambedkar’s timeless speech “Annihilation of Caste”(1936), which was never delivered. Dalit author and thinker Mohandas Naimishray says that this book shows Bahujans the way out of the oppressive social structure based on the writings of Manu, adding that every Bahujan must read this book so that they can identify the fundamental elements of exploitation and free themselves.

According to the Hindustan Times, “JV Pawar’s book on the Dalit Panther movement of the 1970s is essential reading for those interested in social justice and the caste struggle”.

Other titles, such as Bahujan Sahitya Ki Prastavana, Chintan ke Jansarokar, Jati Ke Prashn Par Kabir and Mahishasur Ek Jannayak, add to the various aspects of Bahujan discourse. Kamlesh Varma’s Jati Ke Prashn Par Kabir dwells on the debates so far on the caste of Kabir in Hindi literature. It also demolishes many Dwij-authored myths about the poet.

Bahujan Sahitya Ki Prastavana challenges the Dwij viewpoints prevalent in Hindi literature. It doesn’t set itself apart from Dalit literature. Rather, it brings together Dalit Literature, OBC Literature, Adivasi Literature and Women’s Literature under an umbrella genre.

The English translations of Bahujan Sahitya Ki Prastavana, Chintan ke Jansarokar and Mahishasur Ek Jannayak are also available and are titled The Case for Bahujan Literature, The Common Man Speaks Out and Mahishasur: A People’s Hero, respectively.

Forward Press has made every effort to make its books easily available. They can be purchased from both local distributors and retail websites.

At the same time, in order to promote “Paper-Free World, Green World”, Forward Press has also been putting out e-books on Kindle. These cost much less than the print editions and can also be saved in your computers/online for a long time.

Forward Press books at a glance

Jati Ka VinashBhimrao
Paperback Rs 200, Hardback Rs 400
Mahisasur Mithak Va ParamparayenPramod RanjanPaperback Rs 350, Hardback Rs 850
Chintan Ke JansarokarPremkumar ManiPaperback Rs 150
Bahujan Sahitya Ki PrastavanaPramod Ranjan & Ivan KostkaPaperback Rs 120
Jati Ke Prashn Par KabirKamlesh VarmaPaperback Rs 165
Mahishasur Ek JannayakPramod RanjanPaperback Rs 150
Kaise Banayein Jiwan ko KhoobsooratPrabhu GuptaraPaperback Rs 150, Hardback Rs 350
Dalit Panthers: An Authoritative HistoryJ. V. PawarPaperback Rs 199, Hardback Rs 500
Mahishasur: A People’s HeroPramod RanjanPaperback Rs 150
The Case for Bahujan LiteratureIvan Kostka, Pramod RanjanPaperback Rs 120
The Common Man Speaks OutPremkumar ManiPaperback Rs 100
Make the Best of Your LifePrabhu GuptaraPaperback Rs 150

Translation: Garima Mishra; copy-editing: Pramode Mallik/Anil

Forward Press also publishes books on Bahujan issues. Forward Press Books sheds light on the widespread problems as well as the finer aspects of Bahujan (Dalit, OBC, Adivasi, Nomadic, Pasmanda) society, culture, literature and politics. Contact us for a list of FP Books’ titles and to order. Mobile: +917827427311, Email:

The titles from Forward Press Books are also available on Kindle and these e-books cost less than their print versions. Browse and buy:

The Case for Bahujan Literature

Mahishasur: A people’s hero

Dalit Panthers: An Authoritative History

Mahishasur: Mithak wa Paramparayen

The Common Man Speaks Out

Jati ke Prashn Par Kabir


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