Jayantibhai Manani: A full-time pracharak of anti-brahmanism

He was always on the move, meeting people from across the political spectrum – BJP, RSS, Congress, BSP and so on – and trying to forge a unity between OBCs, SCs, STs and minorities. He was magnanimous, and while he made it a point to share his thoughts, he wanted to understand other points of view too – even if they were diametrically opposite to his. Arjun Patel remembers his friend and colleague

On hearing about the sudden demise of Jayantibhai Manani, I was rendered voiceless. Devendranath Patel and I remained in my cabin for hours, remembering the great qualities he espoused and putting off the difficult task that awaited us – of informing his wellwishers that he was no more.

The beginning of a formidable association

Personally, I lost one of my dearest friends and my ideological guide. I first met him in a function organized by BAMCEF in Gujarat in the 1990s. BAMCEF had become active among the SC/STs, OBCs and Minorities. Those days, the Mandal Commission was the hot topic.

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