Will creamy layer be made applicable to SC and ST reservations?

The Constitution bench of the Supreme Court has to clarify its stand on whether the backwardness among SCs and STs persists to the extent that they need reservation in promotion. Besides, the issue pertaining to the creamy layer among SCs and STs is also vital. A Forward Press report

Though the Supreme Court has reserved its verdict on reservation in promotion, speculations about the final judgement have started. Many experts are of the opinion that the bench will apply the concept of creamy layer to Scheduled Castes (SCs) and Scheduled Tribes (STs) and only those SCs and STs, who fall below the “creamy layer” annual income limit – currently Rs 8 lakhs – will get reservation.

There are many reasons for such speculations. The apex court had ruled in M. Nagaraj case that the governments are not bound to provide reservation in promotion, to the SCs and STs. However, it had also ordered that before providing quota in promotions to those belonging to these communities, the states are bound to put forward quantifiable data on the backwardness of SCs and STs, evidence about their inadequate representation in government jobs and the overall administrative efficiency. In other words, the Supreme Court had allowed reservation in promotion for SCs and STs but with conditions.

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