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The Case for Bahujan Literature

Edited by Ivan Kostka and Pramod Ranjan, Forward Press, 128 pages, Rs 300 (hardback), Rs 150 (paperback), Rs 100 (e-book)

The book is divided into three sections – ‘OBC Sahitya Vimarsh’ (Discourse on OBC literature), ‘Adivasi Sahitya Vimarsh’ (Discourse on Adivasi literature) and ‘Bahujan Sahitya Vimarsh’ (Discourse on Bahujan literature). The book traces the journey from an ‘OBC literary discourse’ to a ‘Bahujan literary discourse’ – although it is still early days in this journey. The contents of the book are thought-provoking, especially the articles by Kanwal Bharti and Premkumar Mani.

-Om Prakash Kashyap, author



In the world of literature, the process of arriving at a conclusion is more important than the conclusion itself. When we read a novel, the narrative is more important than the climax. This is also true of other literary genres including poetry and the short story. By implication, this principle also applies to this book. You will find this anthology of select articles from the literary debates that raged in the pages of the FORWARD Press magazine intellectually stimulating. This book will take you through the process of preparing a blueprint for propounding the concept of Bahujan literature and will introduce you to the bitter arguments and counterarguments on its various interpretations. As for the conclusions, you yourself have to arrive at them.


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‘The Case for Bahujan Literature’ in Forward Press

Outline of Bahujan Literature

Bahujan literature: Beyond the arguments or debates


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Touchstone of Aesthetics

Rediscovering Tarabai Shinde and Savitribai Phule

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