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UGC’s actions have brought a bad name to the government

By blacklisting progressive newspapers, magazines and research-based journals, the government is doing itself a great disservice. What would the next generation say? Does the government not want to hear the voice of the Dalits, the backwards and the tribals?

What is the issue with the internal functioning of the UGC? This question has been bothering the academic fraternity of India and it wants a reply. Former CSIR scientist, Professor Bapuji M. says that the government has ruined the functioning of the UGC.

Professor Bapuji served in the CSIR from 1973 and 2002. He is now a visiting faculty at several noted institutions. He says, “The entire academic fraternity is aware of the goings-on. Many of them have not spoken on it, but they are well aware. There is lack of funds for serious exploration and research. How will the Indian scientists compete with the world in the field of research? The few who are doing good work are being asked keep their mouths shut. Why the government has to take steps like blacklisting publications? The UGC has delisted several important publications. I would like to draw the attention of scholars, scientists and the students of my generation and the next to this matter. As a response to the UGC’s actions, we should publicize these publications and subscribe to them.”

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