An Adivasi comes to the defence of the word ‘Dalit’

In college, I got a new identity, ‘Siddu’ – a nickname originating from the word ‘Scheduled’ used for students belonging to the reserved category. Students and teachers alike used the nickname casually. Our resistance to this daily discrimination and exposure to knowledge turned us into the ‘Dalit’, the comradeship of the downtrodden, writes Bhupendra Singh Pawar

“You lost your prestige and that of our family when this low-born boy scored more marks than you.” The low-born boy in question is my father. My father was telling me about an incident from his school days. That is how his friend’s father had scolded his friend. My father had stood there trembling in fear. When he should have been exulting in the news of topping the entire region, my father was numb with fear. His crime was that he was born an Adivasi and yet had excelled in academics!

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