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A letter to the Rajasthan Patrika owner, Mr Gulab Kothari

You speak of reservation based on economic status. Your argument is that there are poor people of every caste, it is quite right – every caste has poor amongst them. However, has an upper-caste poor ever been killed for touching a hand pump or have idols been washed in gangajal or animal urine after they have touched them?

Recently, a survey published on the front page of your newspaper talked about growing resentment in society due to reservation. This was not the first time a news item was published by your paper against reservation; you have been campaigning against it for a long time. This article was merely a sample of it. Some time ago, you had also published an editorial which spewed venom on the subject, though sermonizing all the while.

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Suraj Kumar Bairwa

Suraj Kumar Bairwa is a PhD researcher in Jaipur University, Rajasthan and independent journalist

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