Honour killing: The last-ditch effort to save the caste system

As Ambedkar wrote, it is brahmanical patriarchy that keeps the caste system intact. Today, with women becoming educated and choosing their own husbands, patriarchy is being challenged, caste divisions are being crossed and, unfortunately, honour killings are on the rise. But if India wants to put the caste system behind it, the government needs to do it all it can protect the inter-caste couples and be firmly on their side, writes Lokesh Kumar

Perumalla Pranay was hacked to death in broad daylight, when he and his pregnant wife Amrutha Varshini were visiting a hospital in Miryalguda, Telangana. Pranay belonged to the Mala (Dalit) caste, while his 21-year-old wife Amrutha Varshini is a Vaishya. The gory murder was captured on CCTV. It is suspected to be an honour killing. Yet another inter-caste couple was attacked in the state’s capital, Hyderabad, by a man with a sickle, again in broad daylight, this time on a busy road. The man behind the attack on these newlyweds is believed to be the woman’s father, who was reportedly opposed to their marriage.

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