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Salwa Judum: Chhattisgarh government showed blatant disregard for 2011 Supreme Court order

Prof Nandini Sundar expressed happiness over the Supreme Court’s refusal to grant a stay over the pending Salwa Judum hearings, requested by the central and Chhattisgarh governments. She opined that Chhattisgarh government has shown blatant disregard towards the Supreme Court by not following the 2011 verdict on Salwa Judum. Excerpts from her exclusive interview with Forward Press

On 11 October 2018, the court dismissed the appeal filed by the central and Chhattisgarh governments for a stay over the hearings in Salwa Judum case. This decision by the court is significant since election notification for Chhattisgarh state assembly has already been released with a two-phase election to be held on 12 and 20 November. The central and Chhattisgarh governments were losing sleep over the issue as the court proceedings would have a significant impact on the elections. Supreme Court’s decision not to stall proceedings was welcomed by Professor Nandini Sundar, professor of Sociology at the Delhi School of Economics, who is one of the petitioners in the case.

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