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Gondwana Ratna Sunher Singh Taram: A tireless promoter of Gondi language and literature

Sunher Singh Taram, the founder-editor of monthly magazine Gondwana Darshan, passed away on 7 November 2018. He worked tirelessly for preserving eight Adivasi languages, including Gondi, their literature and culture. His wife Ushakiran Atram remembers him

Sunher Singh Taram passed away on 7 November 2018 after a short illness. Taram was a scholar of extraordinary brilliance who worked hard to unearth the history, culture and literature of Gondi, a very ancient language. He was great friends with books, pen and paper – so much so that he could not do without them even for a day. His 40-year-long literary journey and Gondwana Darshan, a monthly being published continuously for the past 32 years, are testimony to his serious and mature scholarship.

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About The Author

Ushakiran Atram

Ushakiran Atram figures among the most prominent names in Adivasi literature. Among her published works are ‘Morki’ (an anthology of poems published in Gondi in 1993 and later translated into Hindi and Marathi), ‘Katha Sangharsh’ (Hindi, 1998) and ‘Gondwana ki Viranganaye’ (Hindi, 2008). She is also a well-known cultural activist.

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