Daughters yet to get equal rights to parental property

The Supreme Court has said that daughters have the same rights as sons to the property of their parents, inherited or self-made. But this is easier said than done. In three cases that went up to the Supreme Court, the court gave contradictory judgments. Hence, the issue continues to hang fire

Despite amendments to the Hindu Succession Act in 2005, the issue of equal right of daughters to their parental property has become entangled in mutually contradictory legal interpretations. According to the Supreme Court, if a woman’s father died before 9 November 2005, she would not get any share in his property. The law already provides that if the inherited property has been divided before 20 December 2004, the amendment would not apply to it. The matter has now been referred to a full bench of three judges (Justices Arjan Sikri, Ashok Bhushan and M.R. Shah).

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