P.L. Punia: Privatization a ploy for sidestepping reservations for Bahujans

In an interview with Kumar Sameer, Rajya Sabha member P.L. Punia says that outsourcing of services is shrinking job opportunities in government departments. He notes that even the Railways, a major employer, are encouraging private-sector participation


Panna Lal Punia is a Rajya Sabha member from the Congress. He was the chairman of the National Commission for Scheduled Castes from 2013-2016. Kumar Sameer talked with him on a wide range of issues, including reservations for Bahujans. Punia believes reservation is indispensable for bringing the Bahujans into the social mainstream and that is the reason Constitution mandates it. This system needs to be strengthened and any attempt at weakening it should be opposed tooth and nail by the Bahujan community. Edited excerpts of the conversation:





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