Nath Panth and Machhendranath

There are many commonalities between the Siddhas and the Naths in terms of their ideology. Both penned poetry in the language of the common man. Both emphasized leading a simple life, rooted in nature. Both rejected Brahmanism and the Varna system. Both talked of a pure heart and firm mind. To this end, both used Yog, Dhyan and Samadhi. Both are part of the Buddhist tradition, says Kanwal Bharti

The Siddhas are supposed to have lived in AD 800-1200. There were 84 of them. The Nath sect, which influenced the saint-poets from the 12th to the 14th century, emerged from the Siddhas. Thus, the Nath sect was in existence at the time of the Siddhas. In other words, the Siddhas and the Naths were contemporaries. Those who have drawn up the list of Siddhas have included the Naths among them. The Naths have also described themselves as Siddhas. 

Jalandharpad, who was the 46th among the 84 Siddhas, was the founder of the Nath sect. He is also known as Aadinath. Other Siddhas, including Meenpa, Nagarjun, Kanhpa, Charpteepa and Kantaleepa, are also considered Nath panthis. 

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