Islamophobia and Hindu Rashtra

Narsinghanand Giri says that the Hindu community should unitedly oppose Darul Uloom. Which Hindus is he talking about? Who is a Hindu in the country? In 2014, after the then chief minister Jitan Ram Manjhi visited a temple, he had issued a fatwa decreeing that scriptures do not permit Shudras to enter the places of worship and they should not visit the temples of Hindus, writes Kanwal Bharti

As elections to the Uttar Pradesh assembly draw closer, the Islamophobia of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and Hindu organizations is becoming more palpable. Hindi daily Amar Ujala, in its issue dated 30 October 2021, published two stories side by side on the same page. One of the reports quoted Swami Narsinghanand Giri, the Mahamandleshwar of Panchdashnam Juna Akhada, as saying, “Darool Uloom Deoband is trying to push the world into the cauldron of a world war. It is the mother organization of jihadi organizations like Taliban, Al-Qaeda and ISIS. It is sowing the seeds of destruction of the world. The Modi government should shut down Darool Uloom.” (Amar Ujala, Moradabad edition, 30 October 2021)

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