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Vishwa Guru has no place for the Pasmanda to offer namaz

Given a choice, no one would like to pray under the open sky, especially in the peak winter and summer and when it is raining. People offer namaz in the open, amid biting cold and dust and grime – as has been the case in Gurugram – only out of compulsion, writes Ali Anwar

Prime Minister Narendra Modi often talks of making India a Vishwa Guru. But what some mischievous elements have been doing right under his nose in Gurgaon, neighbouring the national capital, has been sending out a very wrong message to the world. The Gurugram administration has been unwilling to allot space to the Muslims to offer their Friday prayers. It is out of compulsion that the people offer namaz in open spaces. But 20-25 people, with mischievous intent, assemble at such spots. They shout Jai Shri Ram and sing bhajans. For months, the administration has been a mute witness to these unsavoury incidents. Even Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar has recently announced that offering namaz in open spaces “would not be tolerated”. 

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About The Author

Ali Anwar

Ali Anwar is a former Rajya Sabha MP and founding president of the All India Pasmanda Muslim Mahaj.

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