Sanjay Sahay’s ‘Hans’ editorial pricks cow devotees

I am writing this piece because I have been told that in Jodhpur, the Hindutvavadis have filed an FIR against Sanjay Sahay, the editor of Hans, for airing his view on cow worship. He had written an editorial titled Uvach-e-Mitthu in the October 2021 issue of Hans, writes Kanwal Bharti

The cow is entirely oblivious of the fact that a government has been formed in her name. She doesn’t know that the Hindus have declared her their mother. The poor thing is still going around, eating plastic and dirt. 

People rear cows for milk. When she stops producing milk, they abandon her. They are no longer concerned about her. They don’t care where she goes, what she eats and whether she lives or dies. Earlier, people used to sell off their unproductive cows to the butcher. Now, thanks to the terror of the saffron brigade, no one will dare do that. So, the cow just roams around. Former judge Markandey Katju may keep wondering how an animal can be our mother. You may keep pointing out that neither the Vedas, nor the Upanishads, Smritis, even the Manusmriti, which the Brahmins consider as their sacred law, speak of the cow as mother. But that doesn’t bother the Hindutvavadis. For them, the cow is their mother, take it or leave it. That’s not all. Wielding sticks, they make everyone agree that the cow is their mother, too. And if you don’t, well, you have to face the music. There are FIRs and if even those don’t work, you can always be given a sound thrashing. 

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