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Mandal vs Kamandal: Now, Kamandal has the upper hand

Most of the riots were reported from places where the Dalits, the Extremely Backward and the Muslims had been living together in peace. These communities have deep, strong social, political and economic ties. It is apparent that this time the pro-Kamandal forces have done their homework well while the Dalitbahujans are singularly lacking in the kind of leadership they had in the 1990s, says Saiyed Zegham Murtaza

At least since 1990-91, the Muslims have been supportive of the Dalits and the OBCs’ fight for social justice. The non-Congress, non-BJP parties have been dependent on the Muslims-Dalit-OBCs combine for their electoral victories. But the cooperation among those communities was not limited to elections or political agitations. In recent years, the minorities have consistently stood by the Dalits on issues related to atrocities perpetrated against them and their social rights. But this alliance does not suit the flag-bearers of communal ideology. At least that is the impression one gets from the violence, supposedly rooted in religion, that has broken out in different parts of the country recently.

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Saiyed Zegham Murtaza

Syed Zegham Murtaza is an independent journalist based in Delhi. Born in Amroha, Uttar Pradesh, Murtaza has a masters in public administration and mass communication from Aligarh Muslim University. He is a regular contributor to various newspapers, magazines and news websites.

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