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Uttar Pradesh: Questions arising from the Dinesh Khatik resignation episode

Of late, symbolism is being increasingly used by the dominant ideology to further its interests in parliamentary politics. Great publicity is given to the inclusion of the representatives of the Dalits, the OBCs and the Adivasis in the councils of ministers. But what is never revealed is the true extent and nature of the responsibilities entrusted to them and in whose interest they are actually working, writes Anil Chamadia

Uttar Pradesh Minister of State Dinesh Khatik dispatching his resignation from the council of ministers to the Union Home Minister and the state governor draws our attention to two things – the first is how the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) treats its leaders from castes designated as Shudras and Untouchables by the Varna system; the second is the self-evident contradiction in those belonging to these castes who have joined the race for power being subjected to casteist oppression and yet remaining in power.

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Anil Chamadia

Anil Chamadia is a senior Hindi journalist focusing on media analysis and research. He edits 'Jan Media' and 'Mass Media', which are Hindi and English journals, respectively, on media issues

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