Adivasi Youth should enter politics for their identity and self-respect

Adivasis have to step up to protect the Constitutional rights of their community. Their representatives in the assemblies and Parliament over the past 70 years have failed them. Hiralal Alawa writes an open letter to the Adivasi youth

Dear Adivasi brothers and sisters,

I wish to convey through this open letter how important it is for the Adivasi youth to join politics. By Adivasi youth, I mean those Adivasis who are passionate about working towards securing community’s self-respect, identity and the Constitutional rights, regardless of whether they are 20 or 80 years of age.

India is a democratic country and the assembly and parliament elections are the most critical aspects of its democratic process. It is these elections that will decide who will come to power. The most important feature of the election process is that a king’s son won’t become a king, but the people of the country may elect a poor man’s son and make him a king by casting their valuable votes in his favour. We believe in this democratic process even though it has certain loopholes that have kept development away from the poorer sections of society, and money power, muscle power and nepotism have ruled the state.

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