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Economic status not relevant for reservations

Backing reservation in promotions, the Union government gave the logic that the ‘SCs and STs are backward even today’ to the Supreme Court, which is considering whether its own judgment in the Nagaraja case needs to be revisited. Is this indicative of a limited understanding of the issue or is it a propaganda by the brahamanical elements, aimed at undermining reservations? Lokesh Kumar analyzes


There is a need to understand the flawed approach of the Union government vis-a-vis the issue of reservation in promotions. Backwardness means the “state of having made less progress than is normal or expected”. The paramount requirement is to highlight the root of backwardness of the SCs and the STs.

At the root of their backwardness is the caste system. Reservation is provided to the SCs and STs  as they were discriminated against for thousands of years, and this discrimination still persists……

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Lokesh Kumar worked in the IT industry for a number of years after studying engineering and business management. He is now putting together a website that will be a resource for Indian Civil Services aspirants.

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