By delisting journals, UGC arms clerks with another harassment tool

Students accuse UGC of ‘thought policing’ and an academic says it is the professors, not journals and magazines, who should ensure that their PhD students produce publishable research

Even as uproar grows over the University Grants Commission’s (UGC) decision to remove 4,305 journals from its approved list, the issue has been but a blip on the radars of the mainstream media networks. So, once again, it has been left to the smaller media houses like FORWARD Press to take the fight to the UGC and others pulling the strings. Now, while FORWARD Press also features among journals that have been removed from the UGC list, our reason to raise the issue isn’t solely self-preservation. The present political dispensation of this country has been bent on doing away with progressive thinking, tolerance and inclusiveness from the education system. And this drawing up of a list of magazines and journals that don’t meet the UGC’s “criteria” is to silence voices of students and academicians, who by means of these platforms, present well-researched and alternate theories to the brahmanical school of thought – something that the present regime is unwilling to digest and itching to vanquish……

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