Vikas Khandekar: Satnam Panth and my wife gave me strength to struggle

Vikas Khandekar was accused of sharing a derogatory post related to Durga on Facebook. He had to remain behind bars for three and a half months and was externed from his district for around two years. His mother and grandmother passed away during this period. Prema Negi reports

It was on 4 October 2016 that the state head of Satnam sect and Dalit leader from Mungeli district of Chhattisgarh, Vikas Khandekar, was put in jail for sharing a Facebook post, supposedly insulting Hindu goddess Durga. He finally got bail on January 24 2017 from the High Court, but it was conditional. The bail order required him to stay away from Mungeli district till the situation normalised, which may be 6 months to a year or even more. After this, the High Court was to review the situation and decide if he could be allowed to visit the district or the condition may be withdrawn totally.

He had to stay in Bilaspur, away from his family, for two years. Finally this year, on July 27, he was granted permission to return home to his family. But he has to mark his attendance at the 10th of every month at the local police station.

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