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We are ‘Scheduled Tribes’, not ‘Adivasis’

The Scheduled Tribes are addressed by a variety of terms – Mulnivasi, Deshaj, Vanvasi, Girivasi, Jungli, Adim and Adivasi. But of all the terms, Adivasi is the most negative and obnoxious, writes Surya Bali

People of every caste, sect, religion and ethnic group have evolved from some or the other tribal community. In other words, people of all castes and religion have passed through the tribal way of life. History is witness to the earliest evidence of evolution from from a tribal way of life to civilized citizens – it is the Indus Valley Civilization (Harappa and Mohenjo-daro) and it has been proved that the valley had a developed city culture that had evolved from the aboriginal people and tribes of India.

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About The Author

Surya Bali

Surya Bali ‘Suraj’ is a medical doctor at AIIMS Bhopal and also an authority on the Scheduled Tribes. He has published articles, poems and songs based on tribal culture and society in newspapers and magazines. Besides being honoured by WHO, UNICEF, CARE and IMA, he is a recipient of the Kalu Ram Memorial award (2007) and a Ford Foundation fellowship

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