Bharat Patankar and his temple-entry movement

Bharat Patankar is an author and president of the Shramik Mukti Dal. He secured the right of the Untouchables to enter Vitthal temples of Maharashtra by putting an end to the interference of Brahmins in religious practices and worship. When power companies built windmills in the villages, he made sure that farmers got compensation not only for the land but also for the air. Given below are excerpts from a chat Forward Press had with him

During our tour, we found that Dev puja (worship of God) is of great significance here. At the same time, Buddhism is also prominent. What do you think?

See, you will find kul daivat (clan deity) and gram daivat (village deity) in all the cultures (beliefs) of Maharashtra. They are our ancestors, not God. Our dev (deities) are not like their Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh, who rest in heavenly abode. The plot of heavenly gods is a creation of the recent past. In the last few years, some makers of TV shows have manipulated the real stories of the deities by linking them to heaven and hell.

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