Kabir’s guru and the Dwij propaganda

From Hazari Prasad Dwivedi, a Dwij, to Purushottam Agrawal, a non-Dwij supporting Brahmanism, all have, in one way or the other, pass Ramanand off as Kabir’s guru, even though Kabir’s teachings are not in sync with Ramanand’s. Kabir’s real mentor was his self-knowledge which he termed ‘wisdom’. Kanwal Bharti explains

Kasi mein hum pragat bhae hain,

Ramanand chetaay[1]

These lines are not to be found in either Kabir Granthawali or Guru Granth Sahib. Yet, all the biographers of Kabir have concluded that Ramanand had taught Ramanand, that is, he was Kabir’s guru. If these lines are not from Kabir Granthawali, then what is their source? No biographer has mentioned the source of these lines. They could have been written by a follower of the Ramanandi Vaishnav sect at a later stage. But these lines do not convey what the Dwij authors have said. What it actually means is that Kabir had himself come to Kashi to alert and teach Ramanand.

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