Calls to rehumanize Mahishasur at Mahisha Dasara 2018

Mahisha Dasara has established itself on Karnataka’s cultural calendar. This year, it drew even more dignitaries. Satish Jarkiholi, MLA, said he would seek views on ‘modifying’ the demonic statue of Mahisha atop Chamundi Hills

The indigenous people of Karnataka celebrated the Mahisha Dasara 2018 in Mysore, the cultural capital of Karnataka, on 7 October 2018 at Chamundi Hills. The festival was organized by the Mahisha Pratishtana Samithi in association with progressive institutions such as Urilingipeddi Mutt, Ashokapuram Abhimaanigala Balaga, Dalit Welfare Trust, Ambedkar Abhimaanigala Balaga, Research Scholars Association (Mysore), University Guest Faculty Forum, Dalit Students Federation, and minorities associations. A grand procession featuring different folk troupes was taken out at the Town Hall in the city, its destination being the statue of Mahishasur atop Chamundi Hills. Thousands of indigenous people took part in the cultural procession and the meeting at the end to pay tribute to Mahisha, who came to this region centuries ago to promote Buddhism.

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