Kabir’s exile and death

Did Kabir go to Maghar of his own accord? The answer to this question is complicated. But from the available historical references, it is clear that he left Kashi and moved to Maghar out of compulsion. He was exiled by the ruler, writes Kanwal Bharti

Kahe Kabir sunahu re santon,

brahmi pare jini koyee

Jas Kasi tas Maghar usar, hirdein Ram Sati hoyee [1]

Hindi scholars have created a controversy around the death of Kabir and also on his decision to shift to Maghar saying that he did not want to give the credit for his salvation to Kashi (Benaras). The fact is that these scholars never intended to understand Kabir, so they could have only created confusion. They say that Kabir moved to Maghar from Kashi in the evening of his life because he did not want to die in Kashi. The story which has been crafted to explain his decision, according to Babu Shyam Sundar Das, goes like this.

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