Lokesh Sori: Dalit son battling poverty and cancer

Despite the mounting expenses on treatment of his disease and his lack of monetary resources, Lokesh Sori is now coming out from the depths of depression and is making plans for the future. When asked, he said if cancer allows him to live for five more years, he would shape at least 50 Lokesh Soris to take on the exploitative Brahmanical system and its traditions. Forward Press reports

Lokesh Sori hit the headlines first on 27 December 2017, when he reached the Pankhajur police station in Kanker district of Chhattisgarh to register a complaint. No, it was not a case of theft, murder, arson or physical attack. When he related his complaint to the police station in-charge Dhirendranath Dube, the latter lost his cool and abused Sori. The issue which Sori raised was linked to his cultural identity. His complaint was that the Durga Puja organizers were insulting his ancestors by portraying the slaying of Mahishasur at the hands of Durga. Perhaps, this was the first time in the history of India that in a society dominated by the Dwijs, someone had gathered the courage to complain to the police against a Dwij tradition.

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