Ban on magazines is reflective of a crisis of democracy

Our strong and rich democratic heritage is being trampled upon. It could have been a rich legacy. However, its back has been broken. The government is out to destroy everything. The ban on Dalit-OBC magazines by the UGC is just part of this exercise. The larger picture is of how dangerous the government has become


Akhilesh, editor of Tadbhav magazine, says that the government wants to silence all voices of resistance and ideological brilliance. “It wants to throttle the voices of dissent. It believes that dissent should not be visible anywhere and wherever it is, it should be stifled. They are foisting their politics on literature and education. All those who are concerned about higher education should join hands and draw up a strategy to take on the forces which are doing all this. Such forces will have to be uprooted. Their roots are in politics – that politics will have to be destroyed. We all have to come together to do it. This is something which every person in the field of higher education should do. Whatever one can do at his personal level should be done. If it is not done, the forces of repression will not stop. You can see that not only the UGC, but also other autonomous and Constitutional institutions are passing through a bad phase. They are under tremendous pressure. All these institutions have a glorious history – whether it is the UGC or the UPSC or the Sahitya Akademi. The government is not only interfering in their work but is also dominating them. The authoritarian and repressive government wants to establish its complete control over them.”

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