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Rajendra Pal Gautam: ‘Dalits and OBCs from other states will get all their rights in Delhi’

Rajendra Pal Gautam, minister for social welfare in the Delhi government, says his government is committed to protecting the rights of the Dalits and the OBCs. He has forwarded a proposal to the central government to do away with the condition of a pre-1993 domicile in Delhi for the OBCs to be eligible for reservations. Here are the edited excerpts of an interview with him

The Delhi government has many ongoing programmes for the Dalits and the OBCs. They range from helping Dalitbahujan youths acquire education abroad to arranging coaching classes for those taking competitive examinations. The government has also been commemorating Dalitbahujan heroes through various programmes. It has also taken an important initiative with regard to reservations. FORWARD Press talked to Rajendra Pal Gautam, social welfare minister in the Government of Delhi.

Recently, there were media reports suggesting that the OBCs living in Delhi would be able to benefit from reservations. It was said that the government is amending the law that bars OBCs who have settled in Delhi after 1993 from getting reservations. Have you taken any other step in this direction?

My department is taking this issue very seriously and we are trying to hammer out a solution. We realize that it is absurd to say that a child who was born in Delhi and was educated here is not a resident of the city. Since this issue also falls within the purview of the Union government, we have initiated discussions with the Union government officials. Nothing concrete has come out so far but I reiterate that the Delhi government will protect the interests of the Dalitbahujans, no matter what the roadblocks.

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