Anand Teltumbde’s pursuit of Ambedkar’s radical civility

On 14 April 2020, the 129th anniversary of Dr B.R. Ambedkar, Prof Anand Teltumbde handed himself over to the custody of the National Investigation Agency as ordered by the Supreme Court in the Bhima Koregaon case. Drawing on Teltumbde’s writings, V. Geetha argues that it is the real, radical Ambedkar that he looks up to, not the toned-down version of Ambedkar that the civil order and the State is comfortable with

Writing on the “disappeared” young men in Punjab in the 1980s, civil rights activist Ram Narayan Kumar observed that, in this instance and several others, where horrible crimes had been committed, with the tacit sanction of the State, truth-telling in public was entirely necessary to elicit social recognition of wrong-doing and the suffering it had caused. Such truth-telling, though, was not easy, since it had to prevail over and against civil beliefs, which were predisposed to concur with “official” truth and to affirm it.

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