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Ambedkar – not Gandhi or Valmiki – is the hero of Bhangi community



गांधी और वाल्मीकि नहीं, आंबेडकर हैं भंगी समुदाय के महानायक

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About The Author

Poonam Tushamad

Dr Poonam Tushamad is a writer based in Delhi. Born into a Dalit family in Delhi, Tushamad went on to do her PhD from Jamia Milia Islamia University. Among her published works are ‘Mele mein Ladki’ (collection of short stories, Samyak Prakashan) and two anthologies of poems titled ‘Ma Mujhe Mat Do’ (Hindi Academy, Delhi) and ‘Madari’ (Kadam Prakashan, Delhi). She teaches at Ambedkar College, Delhi University.

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